Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Feeling of the Intention: Mission Statement

You can say "I LOVE YOU" and MEAN IT undeniably in your BONES!
You can say "I LOVE YOU" with the intention to manipulate.

They are the same words!!!
They are the same words!!!

One could almost conclude that content is just completely irrelevant. It is the modality of feeling that buoys content and therefore the feeling of your intentions should be examined.

Regardless of content I think it is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL to set your intentions with the proper feeling. I am not saying to control the content or to censor WILD CREATIVITY NO NO NO!!! I'm saying set the intention beneath your expression.

Or you could call it a mission statement. Mine is:
I am living God-Realization Now. I choose deep meditation, Yoga of body and mind, and fearless gift-giving through art and music, as my vehicle of divine action to create right now in my life, enlightenment, wealth and abundance, perfect health, and the expansion of love and happiness in every living being.
Come up with your mission statement today and every action you take will be filled with confidence and the muscle of the universe!!

This is a picture of the back of my mission statement. I keep it in my studio so I see it everyday when I practice.

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