Saturday, February 7, 2009

The First Piano

I have been corresponding with Joe LaBarbera about the MFA program at Cal Arts and also to solicit advice about teachers and concerts in the area. I made a list of all the stuff that I am eager to learn, jazz, Afro-Cuban, rudiments, brushes, hip-hop, sight reading, etc. 

The first thing that he wrote back was that I should learn piano in addition to my pursuits as a drummer. This is a guy who toured the world with Bill Evans. He is a serious jazz drummer and jazz historian.

Because this advice should be SERIOUSLY and SOBERLY considered by every drummer, I am going to post another picture from my
pilgrimage to NEW YORK

 It is the world's first piano made by the guy who invented piano; Bortolomeo Cristofori. BE HAUNTED BY THIS IMAGE :)

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