Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Africa. India. Ecstasy.

I am excited to be working and learning with Arthur Lee Land. He has extensive experience with the art of live looping. He is teaching me about congas, bongos, djembes, talking drums, cowbells, shakers; the works.

One of his more exquisite loops is drenched with that African sunlight and the moving sidewalk on a moving sidewalk feeling that Elvin Jones is known for. I am now completely in love with implying 6 over 4 and we get lost for hours and hours in the continually expanding and contracting movements.

We have a show on new years at the new Cafe Paradiso and I'm gonna be playing tablas and djembe. For future shows my kit will look more like the picture above but Congas and a Djembe will be added.

My heart is pounding for Africa and India and the Shaman-healer-priest-wild man-nut bucket-asteroid lasso-Santa-triplet-whip-crack against-the-moon aesthetic is blossoming like the birth of a rose colored planet. I'm excited and honored to be getting an education and making music for a living simultaneously.

PS Jupiter left its phase of debilitation and I always and especially feel escalating gratitude for my tabla teacher Pandit Anup Ghoshji. Big love, namaste, and happy holidays to all!


  1. yay. I am so excited to hear you guys!!

  2. My Dear David,
    I have just gone through your blog.Its really amazing .I appreciate your imazination which is really very creative.
    Wish your prosperous and bright future.
    Guruji(Anup Ghosh)

  3. My Dear David,
    I am watching all those comments,also have watched Ben son's video who is a 10 months old boy.This means music along with its rythmic sence comes in born and it develops later through proper guidance.
    I appreciate both of your effort for the propogation of Indian Classical music.
    Wish your more success in life.
    Anup Ghosh(Guruji)