Saturday, February 25, 2012


Of the things discussed after Animal's CD release party at the Beauty Shop with artist resident Laura Goldhamer
  • silent drumming
  • triggering lights vs. sounds
  • computer access to notes between the notes 
  • gear 
  • electronic music
  • the use of computer as a tool rather than an absolute
  • enslavement to the computer
  • freedom vs. structure 
  • digital vs. analog
  • the paralysis of the infinite
  • digital photography as it relates to automatic weaponry and sloppiness
  • t-switches in trains diesel engines and in audio equipment
  • sound healing with speaker-triggered drums
  • new age filtration
  • community vs. individualism
  • vesica piscus and the primal wound
  • sounding circles
  • group improvisation
  • improvisation
  • bow ties and the two ends of an infinity sign
  • looping
  • Zoe Keating
  • centrioles
  • mytosis
  • cell duplication
  • Harpoontang
  •  The Evangenitals
  • John Cage
  • Merce Cunningham
  • Apocalypso Tantric Boys Choir
  • Alvin Lucier
  • Steve Reich
  • Milford Graves as a law of nature and heartbeat master
  • free jazz as a permission-concept for all music vs. free jazz the genre
  • Marcel Duchamp's "I force myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste" as it relates to authentic genre hopping
  • contact mics
  • sub woofers
  • recording the sounds of brainwaves
  • oscillators and the patterns of frequency
  • Gary Synder's "Axe Handles" 
  • Billy Collins "Splitting Wood" 
  • star formation within circles and squares
  • centrisomes and moons
  • video feedback and the Lord
  • unity and diversity, not twoness
  • overhead projections, animation
  • digital projectors
  • the evolution of technology and photography equipment
  • quality
  • the infinite of digital photography vs. the finite of old school photography
  • hip hop
  • vulnerability and strength together within blossoming of expression
  • loop pedals used as a tool not as a parlor trick
  • white as an expression of all color combined
  • aperture and shutter speed in terms of video feedback
  • sonic installation
  • breath-ability of music
  • language and allowance of silence in conversation and music
  • volume pedals
  • art of live accompaniment vs. computer-centric accompaniment
  • allowance for variance in music
  • allowance for intuition and assessment of the present moment vs. re-creation of music
  • prayer through singing
  • truly being motivated by love and creating what you want in spite of all circumstance.

Needless to say I love Laura Goldhamer completely. 
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