Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Living Masters

What if Meshell Ndegeocello asked you to play drums with her band? What if Prince asked you? What if D'Angelo asked you? What if Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill, John Scofield, John Medeski, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Flea, Dr. John, Maceo Parker, Soulive, Victor Wooten, Stevie Wonder, Method Man? What if Michael Jackson asked? What if you asked him and he said yes? It doesn't matter if you don't play drums, whatever instrument, whatever trade.

These are some of many names that would get me seriously delirious if any possibility of drumming with them were to come my way. Find the living people in your life that you know would get your heart pumping wildly and make your head scream with excitement and feelings of unworthiness if you were given the opportunity to collaborate with them.

Pick one living hero-master.... for me that is Ms. Ndegeocello. If you had one week until an audition to join his/her band what would you do mentally, physically, emotionally, on your instrument, off your instrument, to FILL THAT ENORMOUS HONOR AND RESPONSIBILITY TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY? How would you respond NOW if a master approached you and needed your service?

Now align yourself with that excitement and joyous burden. That is your path. You are WORTHY without any doubt. Anyone is worthy who says they are! Get ready to battle, love, and serve the masters. Do it! We are all in the same band......period!

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