Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hunger and Practice

Don't have any standard for yourself for how much you are supposed to practice. Try making a regiment that is ridiculously within your means. And pretend like you are in first grade. Take your favorite piece and just commit to the bare daily minimum.

IT'S LIKE STOKING A FIRE!!!!! If you put too many logs on you'll put the fire out. If you put too few logs on it will go out too. In the same way if you stuff your face when you eat you'll get sick. It's same with music, granted there are thresholds you can push through!!! It is important to keep your fire alive and hungry. As your appetite and ability increase you'll be able to EAT more.

And same with a fire you start with small logs and then when it's HOT you add the bigger logs. Take simple pieces and practice them ONLY for the SAKE OF THE SHEER JOY OF PLAYING THEM not with the intention to improve.

Because if your purpose of practicing is ONLY to improve, then the feeling you'll get from it is the feeling of WANTING TO IMPROVE but if you use joy as your weapon for practicing then you'll breed more and more of that hunger and ecstasy for more practice.

Be simple. Don't judge your ability. Keep stoking the fire. Free yourself from any future oriented restraints and focus on the joy of music, because ONLY THAT will propel you forward!

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