Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Silence, Stevie Wonder, Transcendental Meditation, Lord Shiva, Timelessness and the Role of the Drummer in the Universe!

The experience of experiencing time is immensely varied. You can listen to a song lying on your back in your room, or you can drive over three miles listening to the same song. In the same three minutes at light speed it's possible to travel 33,480,000 miles. That is why philosophers have reduced the body to dust and why the Hindus have Lord Shiva, the God of Destruction. Everything will be destroyed, except the uncreated consciousness of the destroyer. Similar to the Buddhist concept of Emptiness. Except in Buddhism emptiness is empty of Itself.

It is the responsibility of the musician and especially these days, the drummer, to BE and ASPIRE TO BE, a master of the entire field of time. Elvin Jones said,"That's what the drummer is supposed to do: keep the time. If you can do some thing else besides that fine. But the time is essential. That's non-negotiable." I heard that Victor Wooten can keep time at 4 BPM. An old friend of mine recently had a dream and posted this on my Facebook wall,
"I had a crazy dream you were in a battle with a Rastafarian drum god, and each beat would string through tree branches. In the end it seemed you won by tapping the drum only once every 6 minutes exactly. Dude, what? I'm totally serious."
A beat every six minutes is .01 BPM. But what about the rhythm of the moon; a cycle that most women are attuned to? 1 Beat every 28 days = 2.4801587301E-5 BPM. Or the Earth around the sun; 1 Beat every year = 1.90258751903E-5 BPM. The mathematics of the universe are astonishing in their precision. The stars are a navigation tool! JESUS!

Because the field of time is impossible to master if you are ONLY externally driven, it is vitally important for musicians to fathom the INNER silence of their own minds, and probe the depths of consciousness to arrive at the SOURCE OF TIME; the non-changing field of pure consciousness. Having access to timelessness is the freaking Holy Grail for drummers!!

Stevie Wonder knew that when he wrote "Jesus Children of America"
Dental meditation
Speaks of
Speaks of inner
Inner preservation
Transcendental meditation gives you peace of mind
Peace of mind
It is much deeper than peace of mind. Peace of mind is the bare minimum for an artist of the New Paradigm. The light of inner silence is the fountainhead of all creative energy of the universe available to you in your own MIND. Timelessness is not a theory, it's a physiological process of lowering the metabolism until the breath stops altogether and you are sustained by the purity of your silent AWAKE consciousness alone.

The beautiful thing about Transcendental Meditation is that it is about INTEGRATION. It is about establishing that silence and peace of mind so that you are more powerful and masterful in your daily life. As a musician having access to that silence and (whole note) rest is the reference point for understanding and mastering the whole field of time.

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