Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Imperfect Looping

In the name of true perfectionism I am obsessed with imperfection. Especially since music, and drumming in particular, is so easily seduced by the charm of neat, knowable math.

I came across a Moby video loop on Vine.  Vine is an awesome website/mobile app where you create and involuntarily edit video in real time from your smartphone and end up with a 7 second video loop that plays forever.  Moby said about his loop, "Not sure if this works... more weird sound than visual,"

Immediately I had the desire to drum to it as Moby's singing head was looping ad infinitum and there was no discernible place that the loop was supposed to start over. So I recorded an arbitrary slice of the infinite loop and improvised a solo over it.

My favorite moment and I'm so grateful that I caught this (literally) is when, I lean over to pitch bend the floor tom and due to the short length of my headphones, I yank the condenser mic off the mantle it is sitting on. In the middle of drumming I catch the mic with my left hand, and keep soloing with my right hand.  I hope I can pull that off live someday.

Imperfection and Perfection together like phases of the moon.


  1. David, I really enjoyed your solo. It reminds me of some kind of jazzjy thing like chick corea- return to forever. I would really like to sing to this music!

    1. Thank you Justina! How about you record 2 minutes of yourself singing to what you think I'm going to play. Then I will record 2 minutes to what I think you are going to sing. Then we can overlay the two tracks and see what magic happens?

  2. Hey David,

    This is really great! I love the creativity and the fire behind your ideas. You just look like your having fun and isn't that what music and drumming should be?


    1. Thank you Chris! I think drumming is deeper than fun, although it is fun, I think it's JOY. Not Hallmark Joy, but the kind of joy you feel right after you jump in the ocean. I seek those experiences that make me feel more alive, walking on hot coals, singing, chanting, anything to get you into the enormity of the human physiology as it stands alone like the black circle of a bird bath reflecting the stars. Digging your website too man. I love the design. Take care and thanks for checking out my site. All best, David

  3. Hey David,

    This is really great! I love your creativity and the joy with which you play. It just looks fun and isn't that what drumming should be to begin with?


  4. big idea! i like it. lot´s of quintuplets in quarter triplets ;-)
    all best
    Wolfgang Schüler

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